Melabev believes that people with Alzheimer like symptoms should be given opportunities to do everything that they are still capable of. That includes using the computer. For that reason their Occupational Therapist, Yehudit Lange, developed Savion, a unique computer software of mental stimulating exercises especially for the person with dementia. The purpose of the program is to give the client challenging and exciting tasks  to do in four areas of cognition math, language, shapes and a memory game. This innovative ICT technology has helped many people over the past 15 years of its use.

The program can be adjusted to each persons level of competence and interests and increases the users self-esteem letting  them know “ I can also use the computer”. Savion is appropriate even for those people who never used a computer before in their life. Who says that someone with Alzheimer’s disease can’t learn new things? From the nearly 15 years experience Melabev has using Savion it seems that even people with dementia have brain plasticity.

A medical University pilot research study has shown an added benefit – use of the program for as little as twenty minutes, twice a week, has positive effects on some aspects of memory. The program has been used since 1996 in Melabev’s 9 day care centers and home care program with much success. Other care centers, and family caregivers, in Israel and abroad, have seen its benefits and use it as well.

To order the computer program for a day care center, nursing home  or for home use you can

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