Our Philosophy

The research program is based on the principle that evidence-based research leads to productive and cost effective services, while maintaining a caring and patient-centered service and outreach orientation. We encourage our staff and also provide in-service training based on research evidence to ensure a dynamic learning environment and give expression to our excellent staff inquisitiveness and creativity. Both quantitative and qualitative paradigms are applied with the concept that “not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.”

General Objectives

Our general objectives include:

• Implementation of a computerized database system custom tailored to the research and management needs of the clients in our 10  daycare centers, home care department, and telephone reassurance service.

• Establishment of a quality assurance and clinical efficacy program for all new interventions, services, and management innovations instituted in MELABEV. The output of this program will improve not only the services to our clients but also the cost effective use of our resources.

• Establishment of cross–service research within MELABEV.

• Establishment of standards for collaborative research of our Community Outreach department for promoting healthy aging, especially in the area of cognitive stimulation, as well as mechanisms for supporting integrated care for the elderly, their care givers and families.