45% of the elderly population in Israel live alone and isolated -the number is even higher  in Jerusalem. Some of these elders – including those who do not have Alzheimer’s disease – have specific needs but no one to help them meet these needs. Moked 109 volunteers contact these elders on a regular, predetermined basis, to check on their welfare and help them deal with their difficulties.  Melabev incorporated the pre- existing 109 telephone reassurance service into the Melabev range of activities, preventing its closure, and has totally revamped it under the driving energy of its director Cochav Cohen.


This service is provided free of charge to thousands of registered users and includes:

– “How are you? ” Daily phone call to check on the welfare of the elder and if anything

is needed (national servic)

– Help dealing with the governmental offices

– Home visits from volunteers

– Help obtaining necessary equipment such as blankets and heaters for the winter

– Help with the shopping and medicine pick up

– Simple home repairs

– Meals – Connecting to “meals on wheels” service

– Special projects before the holidays

“You are like my family” says a woman who received help with home repairs. Another man waits impatiently for his morning phone call – he has no other caller or family member to make him feel that someone cares about him.

The volunteers, who come from all walks of life, and all age groups, get immediate rewards for the few hours they dedicate to the “moked”. The elders on the other side of the phone bless them – “your telephone call is life saving”, ” you are wonderful”, ” Thank you so much for calling.” It’s amazing how a simple phone call can make such a difference in a persons life.

The Moked is actively looking for volunteers of all ages who want to help in any way to make sure this cost effective program continues to expand.

Become a member, and you too will benefit from the free services of Melabev’s Moked-109!

Phone: 1-700-700-109

E-Mail: [email protected]