Merhav-Melabev Memory Assesment Clinic

Until recently the Merhav memory clinic only operated in the Tel Aviv area. Now it operates  in conjunction with Melabev bringing its services to the inhabitants of Jerusalem. The clinic is run by Prof. Eli Vertman, a behavioral and geriatric neurologist. He says that most people think that memory problems among the elderly are due to Alzheimer’s and dementia. In reality there are many causes for memory problems, many of which can be treated and even prevented.
Motti Zelikovitch, CEO of Melabev, acknowledges that over the years people have come to Melabev thinking that their family member had Alzheimer’s disease without first taking them for a proper diagnosis. And in fact some of these people were suffering from other conditions. “That is why we recommend that everyone has a proper memory assessment. We only accept people who have a diagnosis of  some type of dementia,” says Motti.
The assessment clinic hours:
Thursdays: 15:30-19:30
To make an appointment::03-5613737 / 03-5612525 /  *303030