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The elders who come to the center every day get a positive feeling the moment they enter the facility. To quote one group member, “There is so much light. It is so bright. I come in and smile.”

All activities are conducted in English, the mother tongue of those attending, whether they are from England, the US or Australia.

In this large building, the group can be divided into smaller groups and the clients can take part in activities based on their interests and abilities. For example, some people can sing together while others create art. They are able to stroll outside in the protected garden which is locked to prevent people from wandering off. And they are even able to cook in their very own therapeutic kitchen. One of their soup recipes was even entered in a recipe contest.

People who need extra stimulation or who need a place to calm down can do so in the multi-sensory  Snoezeleon room. Intergenerational projects are run with the elementary school across the street, giving the elders an opportunity to be part of the community. More activities for healthy elders from the community are being planned for the afternoon.