Melabev is Israel’s pioneer service provider caring for those plagued by, and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, allowing them dignity and quality of life while offering appropriate services to their entire support system


Young Onset Dementia is a vicious disease, striking people at the prime of their lives, often when the individual is at or near the height of his/her career and earning capacity, and beforetheir children are fully on their own.

They are at a stage when peers are engaged in a world no longer available to the YOD sufferer.
Thus, the program for this population Is addressing the cognitive decline, memory disorders and language impairments associated with dementia, but in a context for people who are healthy, mobile and have little if any social contact with others diagnosed with YOD, and until shortly before diagnosis were leading active lives.
Family caregivers for this group also have needs that differ from those caring for the elderly with dementia. Spouses are typically still in the workforce. For economic and psychological reasons it is important that everything possible is done to allow them to continue working.

Special support groups for family caregivers, spouse and children,

are instigated to address their needs and to help them better understand how to cope and relate to their loved one during challenging situations at home.

The Melabev YOD day program is incorporating art, music, movement, gardening, food preparation (baking) and lectures (shiurim). It is designed to meet the needs and interests as dictated by each participant.
A range of individual and group activities is being offered simultaneously, allowing each person to choose activities of interest, many of which are designed to encourage the development of non-verbal means of communication and positive social interactions. Staffing for the program includes

a coordinator, activity leaders, and therapists responsible for on-going staff and volunteer training. Therapists are available to advise regarding the individual program for each participant.

Melabev’s Research & Developmenet department are measuring the results of the program

by following daily questionnaires from staff, volunteers and family members, assessing subjective perceptions, objective observations by staff, and any changes in quality of life observed by family members.

Support a program for people under age 65 diagnosed with Alzheimer’s

and other neuro-degenerative forms of dementia and their family members. This grant request is for program support specifically for this particular diagnosis and age group.

Funds committed to this program

At present, there are few funds committed to this program.

There will be a participant fee (amount to be determined – depending on grants received, number and financial capability of participants).

Contact information:

Shirly Meir- Dir. Resource Development

Tele: 972-73-796-3959, 052-2572589 Email: [email protected]