From Givat Shaul to Shaare Zedek to Bayit Vegan  – and now to Beit Melabev 
 From 1981 to today – and into the future
Beit Melabev FrontMelabev Bayit Vegan is one of the centers relocating to Beit Melabev in Givat Massua.  This center was the original branch of Melabev that first opened in 1981 at a community center, Beit Ross, in Givat Shaul.  It was originally run by two volunteers, Phyllis Jesselson and Jackie Diamond, on a shoe string budget, two mornings a week.  It was started at the initiative of Prof. Arnold Rosin and Leah Abramowitz, MSW.  As the first center to serve dementia patients in Jerusalem who were living in the community and not institutionalized, and for serving as an address for their family members, it was unique in its day.

Under Leah Abramowitz’ leadership, the program quickly added days of service and soon other Melabev branches opened as well. Jackie Diamond, a social worker, continued to lead the original group as it moved to Shaare Zedek, where it stayed for 16 years, and then to Bayit Vegan.  During those years the staff gained in experience and knowledge working with this population.  Today they conduct innovative social and therapeutic activities with a high level of professional expertise five days a week.  They initiated a 6th day, Fridays, which now operates at the Talpiot branch and is open to all of Melabev.  Jackie Diamond continues on the staff, in Beit Melabev, as a social worker.

Beit Melabev will incorporate three day care centers, with 100 or more participants in all, and consolidate multiple related services for them and their families.  Beit Melabev will serve as the hub of non-institutional Alzheimer’s and elder-care.
Beit Melabev is located at 21 Leah Porat St. Givat Massua, telephone 02-6781967.