The Melabev network of centers gives people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease a reason to get up in the morning.

Melabev Memory Clubs offer memory exercises, stimulating cognitive activities and word games in a friendly social environment for the mild memory and cognitively impaired.  Our Memory Clubs are sub-divided by language:  English, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian (especially for those who forget languages learned later in life and revert to their mother tongue).

Other Melabev day care centers are multi-lingual. The empathic professional staff conducts a range of innovative age-appropriate, dignified activities for people with Alzheimer’s symptoms (such  as dance, art, music, gardening, pets, mental stimulation with the “Savion”computer program and Snoezelen therapy).

Melabev currently runs 9 day centers at 6 different locations (two centers are located in San Simon and three are in our building in Pisgat Zeev.) In the near future, the San Simon and Bayit V’gan centers will merge in the new Beit Melabev building in Givat Masua.

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