Melabev, an internationally recognized leader in elderly care for over 30 years, provides this individualized service, through its unique program of “At Home with Melabev”. This is the only service of its kind available for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in Israel.

“At Home with Melabev” is a unique multi- professional program, which provides personalized therapeutic activities for the elderly by professional therapists. The program is aimed at healthy seniors who live in the community and at those coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia that cannot or will not participate in Melabev’s programs provided in day-care settings and memory clubs.

This program is likewise available for day-care participants who elect to have supplementary enrichment.

“At Home with Melabev” is also available for individual or group activities within protected living or nursing home facilities.

“At Home with Melabev”, which is generously supported by the Helen Bader Foundation brings Melabev’s experienced staff,  rich in professional knowledge and experience right into the family home. Our involvement begins with a professional assessment by a trained social worker, and then an individualized program is determined according to each client’s needs and abilities.

Amongst the activities included in the program are dance and movement therapy, music therapy, horticulture therapy, cognitive therapy, computer- based cognitive therapy, using “Savion”- Melabev’s original software for mental stimulation, art therapy and more.

In addition to the therapeutic activities available for the elderly client, “At Home with Melabev”s social worker and case manager provides much-needed emotional support for family members and caregivers. She is accessible to answer any questions which may arise.

An additional service provided by Melabev’s “At Home” service is referrals to medical specialists who make house calls.

For those clients who are coping with Alzheimer’s disease, Melabev’s “At Home” professional team accompanies them and their family members at any and all stages of the disease. Families of end-stage patients are frequently relieved to have the bereavement counselling and guidance provided by our staff.

For further information:

Yossi Barnett, [email protected]