Melabev Day Centers

Melabev Day Centers

The Melabev Day Centers’ approach, offering multi-lingual activities at various levels of cognition and physical abilities, is unique. Melabev’s professional experience of over 40 years and scientific research in the field show that a person with dementia tends to return to their mother tongue – the language of their childhood. When a person with  cognitive decline loses the ability to communicate verbally, reading body language becomes critical. These signals are culture-dependent. Melabev’s day centers offer services in Hebrew (Pisgat Zeev, Givat Massua, Talpiot, and Beit Shemesh), Russian (Pisgat Zeev and Givat Massua), English (Talpiot and Beit Shemesh), French (Talpiot), and Arabic (Pisgat Zeev).

Why Melabev?

A wide variety of activities:

A set daily routine with at least three fun and challenging activities await the participants; Exercise, music, art, crafts, movement, gardening therapy, yoga, dance, singing, drama, Snoezelen, mind-stimulating computer programs, current affairs lectures, memory games, and more.

Breakfast and Lunch:

Two nutritious catered meals are served daily in a family-style setting. Enjoying mealtime with others improves one’s appetite, and encourages socializing, thereby helping one to maintain their social and verbal skills.

Recognized Services:

Melabev’s day centers have the approval of the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of welfare and Social Affairs, and the National Insurance Institute as part of the home care services to those entitled to the Israel Nursing Law.

Professional Staff:

Melabev’s professional staff has extensive training and knowledge in working with the elderly, especially those with various forms of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Participant Value

Melabev values and respects our day centers’ participants. The participants receive courteous and personal attention addressing their needs and abilities. Communication between the staff and the person is on an eye-to-eye level with great patience, tolerance, and respect. All activities occur in a familiar setting. To prevent cognitive confusion, everyone has their place, table, and chair in the same room daily, meaning that the therapeutic exercises come to the person instead of them going to the activities.

A Pioneer in the Field

Melablev’s professional staff is experienced and specially  rained in working with the older adult population,  specially those dealing with  Dementia and  Alzheimer’s.
Melabev day centers are recognized by the Ministry of Labor, Ministry of Welfare and Social Services, and the National Insurance Institute as part of the services provided to those entitled to Nursing Care Stipend. Day center participants are provided round-trip transportation as well as a wide variety of fun and mind-stimulating activities that set a clear daily routine. Activities in the day centers give the participants a positive and encouraging experience, with at least three stimulating therapeutic activities adapted to cognitive and physical abilities, among them movement therapies, music, creative projects, art, gardening, and chair yoga. Memory and mind-stimulating therapies include Psychodrama, computer programs, current affairs lectures, and memory games. Snoezelen – a multisensory stimulation room is a therapy that aids in reducing anxiety or relieving depression.
Participants receive two nutritious meals daily – breakfast and lunch. Enjoying mealtime with others improves one’s appetite and ensures the elderly receive healthy meals daily.

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