Prof. Arnold Rosin

On Yom Yerushalayim, 2011, Prof. Arnold Rosin, founder of Melabev, received the prestigous Yakir Yerushalayim award for his dedicated work for Jerusalem’s elders – especially those with Alzhimer’s disease and dementia. Melabev, of course, is very proud of the fact that within a two year period both of Melabev’s founders have been honored with this award.

When he was told about the decision to award him “Yakir Yerushalayim” Prof. Rosin was a bit amazed and said, “I admit that I haven’t yet digested the meaning of this – I was happy and proud just being a regular citizen of Jerusalem. I love the city.” But when looking at his life story, it is obvious why he was chosen to join the ranks of “Yekerei Yerushalayim”.

Prof. Rosin was born in Scotland in 1930. In 1960 he moved to London where he studied medicine in Glasgow University. In 1969, he made Aliyah to Rehovot with his wife, Marta. There he directed Herzfeld Hospital. In 1977, the couple decided to move to Jerusalem, where he worked in Shaare Zedek hospital.

From 1982-1984, Prof. Rosin served as the director of the hospital. “Those were hard times and I did my best just to keep my head above water. I didn’t really want to direct the hospital, I much preferred clinical work with geriatric patients,” says Rosin. This he was able to do for the 19 years that he ran the Geriatric Department at Shaare Zedek, where he drastically changed the way the geriatric population was cared for. The department began as a part of the Internal medicine department, but under his guidance, became a department of its own.

Together with another “Yakir Yerushalayim,” Leah Abramowitz, Prof. Rosin started Melabev. “At the hospital we saw patients who, besides their other ailments, also had dementia or Alzhiemer’s disease. We would cure them of their other diseases, but not of the Alzhiemer’s and then when it came time to send them home there was no place for them to go. There really weren’t any services then for people with Alzheimer’s disease. They couldn’t go to any of the day care centers around in those days.” For this reason, Prof. Rosin and Leah Abramowitz decided to start a unique type of day care.

Prof Rosin developed a special social and environmental treatment method for people with Alzheimer’s. He has written and lectured extensively on this method which has proven successful over the 30 years that Melabev has been in existence. “We saw that the day care programs improved the quality of life of the group members and gave them a reason to wake up in the morning.” This philosophy remains with Prof Rosin till today: “If the patient is not appropriate for the environment then our duty is to adapt the environment to him.”

“We were pioneers in the field – there was no such thing as a day care program for people with Alzheimer’s disease,” explains Rosin. “We went to the Ministry of Welfare to ask for help in running the center. They sent us to the Ministry of Health, since the clients had a disease. The Ministry of Health sent us back to the Ministry of Welfare claiming that it was for a social activity. Eventually Eshel took over the project for 5 years.”

Prof. Rosin feels that part of his mission is teaching others about Geriatrics and Gerontlogy. Therefore, he  founded the Institute for the Study of Aging along with Leah Abramowitz. Every year many courses are offered that are relevant to those working with the elderly such as ” Snoezelen Therapy,” “Memory Improvement” and ” Issues at the End of Life.” In the course of his career he wrote more then 100 professional articles in medical journals and participated in writing many books.

Prof. Rosin also directs Melabev’s memory assessment clinic.

As a Geriatrician, Prof. Rosin knows the importance of exercise – and he practices what he preaches. He has participated in many marathons, and of course, Melabev’s own Walkathons, where he climbed mountains to benefit Alzheimer’s care.

Motti Zelikovitch, Melabev’s Director-General says, ” If there is anyone who deserves the Yakir Yerushalayim award in the field of aging – it is definitely Prof. Rosin. I myself have learned so much from him.”

Anyone wishing to leave a personal greeting for Prof. Rosin can do so through our Contact Us page. Click here to read more about a special fund in honor of Prof. Rosin and Leah Abramowitz.

Leah Abramowitz

Yakir Yerushalayim – Worthy of Jerusalem

The Leah Abramowitz Fund was established in 2008 when this founder of Melabev was designated “Yekirat Yerushalayim” (“Worthy of Jerusalem”), the capital’s highest civilian honor. Mrs. Abramowitz received this distinction for her many contributions to life in Jerusalem, but especially for her work with the elderly through a long career as a geriatric social worker. She developed and passed on to others the motivation to develop innovative approaches to elder care, with a focus on dementia care. Leah Abramowitz was Director of the Institute for Studies in Aging (formerly the Geriatric Institute) at Shaare Zedek, among her other accomplishments, and a tireless worker for Melabev.

In 2010, Prof. Arnold Rosin also received the prestigious Yakir Yerushalayim award  for his years of service to Jerusalem’s elders, especially those with Alzheimer’s. Thus we have the Prof. Arnold Rosin – Leah Abramowitz Fund to which you can contribute to.

The fund, created at the suggestion of Motti Zelikovitch, makes it possible for families of the elderly with Alzheimer’s symptoms to provide the day care needed by their loved ones . The fund will now be called the Leah Abramowitz and Prof. Rosin Fund. The need to replenish the fund is particularly acute now due to the economic crisis.

You can pay for a day, a week, a month or a year of day care.

One day of care, currently, to meet minimal government standards, is priced at NIS 127 ($32). But at Melabev we offer professionally led therapeutic activities at a higher standard than is required. This raises the actual cost to Melabev for one day of care to NIS 150 (or nearly $40) and Melabev is not reimbursed for the difference.

One week of care actually costs us NIS 750 ($200). One month is NIS 3,000 ($800).

These sums are more than we charge our families and far more than many could pay. Your assistance would be gratefully appreciated by the families whom we serve. For more information, please contact us or see our donate page.

Board of Directors

Harry Sapir, chair

Ahad Ganiel

Arleen Eidelman

Jay Marcus

Yoav Mazeh

Rakefet Mossek

Yoel Nathan

Estie Ordan

Zevulun Orlev

Prof. Arnolf Rosin

Judy Rosenberg

Nir Sarig

Roy Stern, MD

Pinchas Spielman

Diane Spitz


Melabev prides itself on its caring professional staff. Over 80 staff members from varied disciplines provide services  in our day care, home care and “Moked 109” services.
They also provide support for the family and educate the public, both in Israel and abroad, about good practices and healthy living.
Melabev staff includes social workers, nurses, physical therapists and other specialized therapists in fields such as: dance therapy, art therapy, horticulture therapy, animal assisted therapy, Snoezeleon and computers. There is even a barber on staff.

  • Varda Sharabi – Deputy CEO, Human Resources
    Director of the Melabev Center in Pisgat Zeev, since 2000
    Responsible for personnel and for acquisitions for all of Melabev, and she is administrator of the multi-professional staff of the Melabev center in Pisgat Zeev.
  • Shirly Meir, Director of Public Relations and Resource Development.
    particularly for the Grant writing, foundation and donor development, maintaining donor relations, and overseeing fundraising events, and producing press releases and publicity materials.
  • Maya Guriel, Director of the Nursing-Care Placement Service of Melabev
    Since 2013
    She advises clients on securing their nursing benefits from Bituach Leumi, Ministry of Defense, and the Social Welfare Fund for Holocaust Survivors.  Professional guidance is also offered for private services for clients in their own home and in hospitals.
  • Prof. Chariklia Segal– Director of the Research and Development Unit
    Since 2012
    She is involved at the international arena of technologies and the use of creative arts, to create a healthier aging process and to improve the outcome and quality of life for Alzheimer’s patients and their families. She is on the Steering Committee for Healthy Aging for the city of Jerusalem.
  • Sarit Doron – Director of the Day Care Centers of Beit Melabev
    Manager at Melabev since 2008.
    Professional management and administration of the day care centers at Beit Melabev in Givat Massua, in charge of budget management, connections with professional bodies in the community, and directing the development of activity programs.
    She formerly served as the director of the eldercare center “Beit HaKashish” in Kiryat Shmoneh.
  • Chaya Ben-Yaacov – Head of the Professional Staff and Chief Social Worker
    Melabev Social Worker since 2004
    She provides guidance, supervision, follow-up and develops the professional staff of all of Melabev.  She is a popular speaker, offering guidance for the general public.
    She began as a Melabev volunteer in 1989.
  • Adina Buchs – Director of “At Home with Melabev”
    Coordinator of the Program for Sharing the Knowledge
    Since 2013.
    Administration of “At Home with Melabev”, management and guidance for the professional staff and for the clients of the organization.  In the past she helped advance accessibility for people with disabilities.
  • Dvora Marcus – Director of the Day Care Center for English Speakers.
  • Kochav Cohen – Director of the Moked 109 “A Listening Ear” for Older Adults
    Since 2008
    Oversees the running of Moked 109, which is staffed by volunteers. including school children fulfilling their personal volunteering requirements, students, and pre-army volunteers.
  • Rakel Berenbaum – Assistant in the Research Department and Responsible for Social Media of Melabev.
    Manager of Special Projects since 1986.
    Coordinating the research team, producing guidance and publicity materials, and overseeing social media at Melabev.